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Carol R.
20:47 14 Mar 23
Takes her time, gives a perfect experience
Patty D.
16:04 28 Feb 23
Ladies! If you are thinking about having your brows done, don't wait. I waited, and I wish I had done this 3 years ago when I started thinking about it. I was very afraid they would be too dark, but Shelly is the master at color matching. The color was uneven after the first appointment, but that's why you schedule the second appointment. She matched the color perfectly. I couldn't be more happy with the results. She uses great topical treatments, so the pain is very minimal. Great personality! She is very thorough and explains everything as she goes through the process. I would recommend her without hesitation, and I recommend you don't hesitate. It brings me such joy to not have to draw my brows on EVERY SINGLLE DAY! Call her now. She's busy, but she has a waiting list and I was able to get in sooner than I expected.
Karen S.
15:35 19 Feb 23
Shelly is truly a professional when it comes to permanent cosmetics. She is patient, conscientious, and friendly. She goes above and beyond making sure you as her customer are satisfied with her work. I highly recommend her to help you speed up your getting ready time when it comes to putting on your make up. You can wake up in the morning and already have perfection!
Kami G.
10:36 23 Jan 23
Shelly is Amazing! I have been seeing her for years for my brows and eyeliner. she has so much experience. I would only trust Shelly
red D.
18:10 12 Oct 22
I've been going to Shelly for years. Even with permanent cosmetics that are tattooed on, it needs 'refreshing'. I go in yearly and of course the refresh cost is a lot less than the original process. She's personable, professional, witty, fun, entertaining...all qualities that help divert your thoughts as needles are gabbing into the tender skin of your eyelid! She indeed numbs the area, but it's still tender. The results are amazing, everyone comments on my beautiful full brows, tho I always give Shelly the credit! My brows and upper and lower eyeliner have been a game changer, as I'm not very good with makeup. I always look like I 'did-it-myself!' Her personalized care is amazing and appreciated. You're the best Shelly!
Rhonda Aumueller G.
23:07 09 Sep 22
If you’re looking for the most reputable, competent, conscientious, and skilled permanent cosmetic doctor - it’s Shelly! She’s astonishing! I had eyebrows and eyeliner done with her. My friends wait a year to get in with her - SO WELL worth it! Thanks, Shelly!
Nicky S.
17:48 27 May 22
Shelly is great! Made you feel very relaxed and she knows her job very well!
Donna H.
19:03 11 Apr 22
Sarah J.
19:02 19 Oct 21
I was nervous going to this appointment, however Shelly was personable, fun, and explained the microblading process wonderfully. She made me feel comfortable, eased my anxieties, talked me through each step. She takes her time, and truly ensured the result was exactly what I wanted. I am thrilled with my newly microbladed eyebrows and cannot wait to see the end result after healing and touch-up. Highly recommend Shelly. A passionate eyebrow artist.
Toni K.
22:36 05 Oct 21
Shelly is a true professional and a delightful person! I was impressed with her informative website, and was thrilled with my eyebrow microblade outcome. Shelly takes great care to make sure the procedure is painless, and takes time to make sure you are happy with the shape and color of your enhanced brows. She also makes sure you know how to care for your new brows before you leave. I highly recommend her services!
abigale J.
19:30 12 Jul 21
Been going to her for all my permanent make-up, she's the best!!!
Jennifer W.
22:57 01 Jul 21
Shelly is always professional, friendly, easy to talk to and does a great job! Highly recommended!
Erin Y.
15:36 01 Jul 21
Shelly is amazing. I have been going to her for over five years. I started out just wanting my eyebrows done and we did my eyeliner at the same time. I have very fine colored lashes and brows with a very fair complexion so without I have a very washed out look. The eyeliner is very thin and not a dark black. It looks very natural and I can roll out of bed and go. No eyeliner running down my face after working out. She is meticulous and a perfectionist! Simply the best in the industry.
melissa J.
12:58 27 Jun 21
Seemed pricey but I'm not a professional on this subject. Didn't get the service.
Renee B.
18:34 28 Mar 21
Shelly is amazing, just saw her for the third year in a row!
Jenna B.
21:07 23 Jan 21
Shelly is AMAZING!!! I loved her and she did a great job! She really cares about her customers and what she does. I am telling you, GO SEE SHELLY!!!!
Susie K.
07:04 01 Jan 21
I live in New York but come back to see Shelly for my eyebrows and eyeliner. She is a perfectionist and the only person I want to have doing this on me.
Jessica D
20:10 21 Aug 20
Keanna S.
19:07 12 Aug 20
Shelly truly cares about perfecting your enhancements. Is constantly up to date with new techniques, products, and at home care. You'll be happy you made an appt!
Elizabeth B.
19:08 10 Jun 20
I appreciate that Shelly explained every step in the process so I knew what to expect. She took great care and took time to ensure I was very pleased with the appearance of my eyebrows. I did not feel rushed at all and am quite happy with how they look!
Lexie N.
13:47 16 May 20
Shelly is AMAZING. I have to drive 2 hours to see her, but I would never go to anyone else. Getting my eyebrows threaded causes much more pain than...
Dawn T.
18:52 31 Mar 20
If you are thinking you would be interested in having permanent makeup done, look no further. I have had my eyeliner done by Shelly and I couldnt be happier. She is professional, listens to your wants and makes you feel comfortable and important. Her work is like an artist and takes the time to make you perfect.
Susan W.
20:51 18 Mar 20
I had no brows at all Shelly not only took time finding the correct color but shape and thickness. I walked out with amazing brows. Definitely recommend anyone looking to get any permanent cosmetics done it's a relaxed and very professional place definitely felt comfortable with being there.
01:58 22 Jan 20
I just had my eyebrows micro-bladed. I was somewhat nervous, as I was told by someone that it was a really painful procedure. Boy, we’re they wrong! No pain whatsoever (just like Shelly assured me). As others have mentioned, she really IS a perfectionist and a very talented artist. She really cares about making sure you are happy with the outcome! I’m probably bringing my daughter to see her! Thank you again Shelly!
Christine N.
20:39 11 Jan 20
All I can say is WOW! Shelly did such an amazing job. She takes time to make sure that you are happy, using stencils before proceeding. There was very little discomfort. I was very comfortable with after care and she even gives you the product you need to use.Not only is she a perfectionist and an artist but she is also extremely fun to be with. Highly recommend her for any permanent makeup!!
Brianna K.
17:36 07 Jan 20
Shelly was amazing and my eyebrows look perfect! I found out about Shelly from another customer. She’s located an hour from me but totally worth the drive because she’s experienced and knowledgeable. She was very patient and you can tell she takes pride in what she does.
20:57 04 Dec 19
She did the most amazing job on my eyeliner!! I highly recommend her. Worth the investment ❤️
Sue S.
00:34 20 Sep 19
I wish I would’ve done this years ago! Shelly is very professional and takes time to educate about the microblading process before and during the procedure. I’m so pleased with my results! Go for it ladies!
Maria R.
23:57 18 Sep 19
Shelly came recommend by a friend. When I first met her I knew right away that she was very passionate about her work. She was very professional and made me comfortable with my decision. I brought my mom with to help with the final step and she made sure that she was involved completely. She explained every step of the process and after care very clearly! We loved the outcome so much that we booked my mom to get her eye brows done also! Highly recommend going to shelly for microblading! Thank you so much!
Darlene H.
21:01 16 Sep 19
Irene D.
20:39 13 Sep 19
Shelly came highly recommend. She is not only friendly she is a person who take her job seriously. She walks you though everything step by step. She makes sure you are comfortable and happy with your results. I will definitely be recommending her . It was not as bad as I thought it would be. I am very happy with my results 😊
kimberly Z.
21:51 28 Aug 19
Thanks Shelly for making my permanent make up on my eyes look SO AMAZING AND PAINLESS!! YOU ARE AWESOME AT WHAT YOU DO!! Can’t thank you enough!!
Dawn K.
14:44 28 Aug 19
I absolutely love Shelly and the attention to detail she had when microblading my eyebrows. They look fantastic!! Next time I need permanent eyeliner I'm...
Theresa C
14:48 16 Jun 19
Long over view review for Shelly - it's been over 6 months since she did my permanent eyeliner. I just LOVE them. Shelly did a fantastic job and backups her work. I have all the faith in her work - and the bonus is she is a wonderful person. She explained everything thoroughly - I followed her directions and had no problems. She is quality through and through!
Courtney J.
02:26 13 Jun 19
I had eyebrow microblading done today and I’m so glad I did! Shelly spent so much time making sure I picked exactly the right shape and color for me. She is a perfectionist and made sure everything was done perfectly! I highly recommend her!
Maggie A.
21:38 24 May 19
Just had my 1st micro blading appointment with Shelley today. It went awesome! She was very meticulous, paid attention to what I wanted and executed perfectly! I'm very happy and would suggest her to anyone!
Michelle N.
04:34 10 May 19
I wan't sure if I'd like microblading my eyebrows because I'm pretty particular, but the 10 minutes I was spending daily drawing/filling them in wasn't working as a single mom. Let me just say WOW. Never would I ever think my eyebrows could look this amazing!!! Shelly has a great attention to detail and she really does put pride in her work! She wants you to have amazing brows and won't just take your money and leave you high and dry. Highly recommended. If I ever need anything else done, I'll surely go to her!!!
Rhonda J
01:53 09 Apr 19
Shelly took the time to make sure my eyebrows were exactly what I wanted, involving me in each step. I highly recommend her and will be going back!
sherry M.
22:21 06 Apr 19
Love love love my eyebrows. So clean and professional!Sherry M.
Gina S.
22:54 10 Mar 19
I got permanent eyeliner on my upper and lower lids by Shelly. I love love love it!!! Best thing I ever done! She was amazing! I did a lot of research. I checked a lot of different salons and talked to a lot of different artists. She was the only one that made me feel very comfortable about she does. She specializes in permanent cosmetics and is a perfectionist! I was worried because I have older eyes. She walked me through everything she was going to do. Then she drew the liner on until it was perfect. She numbed the area and went to work. If you are thinking about permanent cosmetics call her! You will not be disappointed.
Sharon D.
17:34 06 Feb 19
Shelly did a wonderful and professional job on the touch-ups and redoing of my eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips! She did an excellent job on all three areas. I am new to the area and I couldn’t be happier that I stumbled upon her website. She definitely knows what she is doing!
Julia B.
01:37 08 Jan 19
December, 2018, Shelly used microblading to improve my almost non-existent eyebrows. Having it done has improved my look and eliminated the need to fill in my brows with makeup. Shelly has the expertise and creativity to select the right eyebrow shape and color for my face. She has the experience to professionally finish the look. It was pain free and she took her time to get every detail right. I am 100% happy with the work she did and am so happy we found her!
Hannah W.
19:24 05 Jan 19
I got my eyebrows microbladed by Shelly and I am so happy I finally decided to do it. I love waking up knowing my eyebrows are already perfect on my face and I don't have to sit in front of a mirror making sure they look even. Right from the start Shelly was amazing; she was extremely knowledgeable, very professional, and also very personable. Shelly was thorough from start to finish and she was dedicated to ensuring that I was happy at the very end.
Denise S.
18:25 04 Dec 18
Shelly’s attention to detail in the microblading process has given me eyebrows that I absolutely LOVE! I would recommend her services to anyone!
Tina D.
11:33 01 Nov 18
I've had my eyebrows and upper and lower eyeliner done by Shelly. She is awesome. It looks natural. She's the best. I wouldn't consider the rest. Thank you!
Kami G.
03:02 01 Nov 18
I started seeing Shelly 8 years ago when I had her do my eyeliner, brows and lips. Best thing I ever did! She is highly skilled at what she does.
Dawn K.
18:10 30 Oct 18
I love my new microbladed eyebrows! Shelly did a fantastic job and it was virtually painless! I was pleasantly surprised. She was ultra careful when deciding on the shape of my brows and just as careful when making sure I wasn't in pain while doing the procedure. I highly recommend her for permanent makeup!
Lisa B.
08:49 30 Oct 18
I love my eyebrows! Getting ready for the day is so easy now. I love the way I look!
Amanda B.
17:45 26 Oct 18
I’ve been going to Shelly for my eyebrows for about 10 years. She’s super welcoming and personable - someone I consider a friend. She does an amazing job, I get compliments on my eyebrows all the time and no one has ever guessed that they are tattooed on. She makes everything look so natural and is very precise and talented with colors, skin tones, shapes, and strokes. I trust her and absolutely love her work and wouldn’t go to anyone else for my eyebrows. Getting my eyebrows back 10 years ago was life changing for me, and I’m lucky to have found a great cosmetologist to create them and maintain them to always be amazing. I highly suggest going to Shelly for your permanent cosmetic needs, you won’t be disappointed.
celia W.
16:10 26 Oct 18
Love her personality! She returned my call ASAP. She is very professorial and i had no pain at all. I love my microbladed brows!!!
kim F.
03:46 25 Oct 18
Beautiful results and fantastic care! Shelly’s the best!
April Z.
22:30 23 Oct 18
Very friendly and professional with the best tools. I got my eyeliner tattooed and my eyebrows microbladed, and both were a great experience! She uses the best numbing creams and makes sure you are comfortable as possible and makes sure you are happy with the results. She’s was as much as a perfectionist as I was 🙂 Getting permanent makeup was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and so happy I chose Shelly for the procedures!
D'Etta S.
20:21 22 Oct 18
Shelly knows her stuff! She is conservative in her approach and provides an enhanced natural look to eyes and brows. Hartland's best kept secret!!!
Beth S.
16:13 22 Oct 18
Shelly is BEYOND AMAZING with her talents and how she cares for her clients, she walks through each step of what is being done and her after care and follow up service are just as important to her as her service, something you just don't seem to find in the world today.. Just Love her!!!!
Ady B.
14:26 22 Oct 18
I have been going to Shelly for about 3 years now. I first had my upper and lower liner done and couldn't wait to have my brows micro-bladed. Best decision ever! I love waking up with such a natural put together look!
Emmy M.
15:05 21 Oct 18
Absolutely fantastic. For someone who is completely OCD like me, Shelly did a phenomenal job. Both eyeliner and eyebrows done and her lines are incredibly precise and beautifully together!
Linda L.
14:30 21 Oct 18
Many, many years ago when I was a silly teenage girl I shaved my eyebrows off, because that's just what we did back in the 70's. My brows never grew back right & were very sparse. I was embarrassed and had to pencil them in on a daily basis. Then low & behold I came across a miracle worker named Shelly. Shelly gave me brows again, and I mean full, beautiful brows. I also decided to get my eyeliner done and absolutely LOVE ... LOVE both the liner & the brows. I get up in the morning and I have instant beauty. Ladies ... this is the best when your on one of those warm, tropical vacations and your at the beach or poolside. You never have to worry about your eyeliner or brow liner disappearing. That's right ... it's permanent and beautiful. There is no-one out there better than Shelly to do your permanent makeup. She is a true professional and well priced. If you've been "thinking" about getting any type of permanent makeup done, hesitate no longer & book an appointment with Shelly. You won't be disappointed.
Michelle B.
18:08 20 Oct 18
I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done last summer, it is one of the best things I have ever done. It has made my life so much easier. I wish I would have done it years ago.With that being said Shelly does a fantastic job and is so professional! She is so wonderful! I would recommend her to anyone. Great job Shelly. I am always getting compliments on what a great job you did. 💕❤️
Crystal Muskego B.
16:07 20 Oct 18
Shelly did an awesome job microblading my eyebrows! She took time to explain everything first and answered any questions I had. My eyebrows have never looked so great!
Gaye B.
19:14 19 Oct 18
Shelley is awesome! She does a fantastic job!❤️
Linda B.
02:05 19 Oct 18
Shelly is the BEST cosmetician!! Her permanent make up is superb. Her products & technique are beyond excellent!!! I have had others in the past but NO ONE is as outstanding as Shelly. I am a long time client. Thx Shelly!! Linda Bradley
Michael B.
01:34 19 Oct 18
I love my eyebrows. Shelly did an awesome job and was very patient with me as we were "designing" my new brows. My friends who knew I did this always tell me how great they look. No regrets!!!-Renee
Pam R.
23:08 18 Oct 18
Tammy G.
17:00 18 Oct 18
Shelly came recommended and I was Very Happy with the Results! Glad I didn't go with all the Groupons I have seen, they are Not professionals, Shelly Is! She did a Great job 🙂
Susanne B.
16:58 18 Oct 18
I’ve been going to Shelly for years. She has done permanent eyeliner ( upper & lower), tattooed brows, & micro blading on my brows. Shelly is amazing at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone for your permanent cosmetic needs.
Cheryl L.
16:53 18 Oct 18
Artistic, creative and knowledgeable. Shelly keeps current on all the latest techniques, uses only high quality product, and is friendly, and trustworthy. You will be pleased with the outcome and the whole experience.
Amy L.
16:49 18 Oct 18
I am Looking forward to getting my brows done soon! I have known Shelly for years and her work is truly the best I've seen! I would refer her to any family, friend & client of mine! All Shellys work is done with Excellence!
Zubird C.
18:52 15 Jul 18
Shelly is awesome!
Athena B.
19:25 02 Feb 18
Shelly is a pro and makes microblading an art! Her no nonsense approach makes you comfortable and confident knowing her goal is to make you feel BEAUTIFUL! I strongly recommend you see Shelly for your permanent cosmetic needs!
Kim W.
21:38 25 May 17
Shelley does excellent work. Highly recommend
Sara S.
14:56 08 Aug 16
I love my brows done by Shelly. They look so natural friends and family didn't even notice I had them done! The color and shape are perfect. I definitely recommend Shelly to do your permanent cosmetics.
nancy N.
13:19 29 May 16
Shelly is awesome! I've received so many compliments on my brows and eyes since I received my brow tattoo and upper and lower liner. She does excellent work!!!!

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